Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Political Manifestations of Good and Evil:

ZION: The Political Manifestation of Good:

First of all. To understand Zion you have to understand God. Zion is when each man commits INDIVIDUALLY to only do those things which are beneficial for himself, his family and for the society as a whole. There are no draconian laws or prisons or police patrolling the streets of Zion because they are not necessary. What makes an individual worthy of such a Great Society? One word: TRUST! So how does one become worthy?

1. The individual must first recognize that Good and Evil do in fact exist and that it is his right to choose between them, no matter what!

2. He does this by listening to the "Voice of Conscious" which is in perfect harmony with the 10 Commandments. Don't kill. Don't steal. Don't let your "lusts" dictate your actions. In other words, think about more than your belly; your wallet; and your libido. Think about how your actions impact society.

3. The next step is to recognize the Perfect Example that Jesus Christ set for us as He literally lived a Life that was without sin or condemnation. There is a piece of the Master that is major part of every one of us. We need to find that piece. IT is eternal and existed before this world. It will exist in its perfected state after this world...after it learns to submit to "The Light from Which It Came".

4. Jesus taught us to cleanse the "inner vessel" and to free ourselves from the lusts of the flesh that keep us "earthbound". He taught that no man can be saved unless he chooses to be.

To simplify things:

a. Harm no man.

b. Do no Harm to Yourself.

c. Love Christ

d. Fight against the weaknesses of lust. Cleanse the mind and the body will follow.

For many, these lessons will not be learned until after they are through with mortality. But for every man that has even the smallest particle of light in their soul (I believe that is 99% of us here on this earth), we will eventually choose obedience: even if we have to suffer until we "figure" things out.


Zion did exist before the flood and they did build their perfect society under the guidance of Enoch; who was guided by Christ. This beautiful City was eventually "translated" and "taken into the heavens" because of its righteousness and goodness. It got there by individual choice, not force and not fear.

Love and Hope built Zion!